Personal cloths shopper service from Coach’n style Paris provides you with an honest professional opinion & advise you on the most suitable styles, shapes and colors.


Your personal cloths shoppers help you make sensible flattering purchases, bringing great style and freshness for your closet makeover. 

Paris is full of wonderful stores, on the high street and tucked away, there are hundreds to suit everyone’s budget, tastes and personality.


Personal cloths shoppers from Coach'n style Paris endeavour to reach the set goals.

Price : 160 euros (VAT included)

Duration :2 hours minimum

Location : meeting in the shopping center that matches your style


for greater impact on your style, the personal cloths shopping service package includes :

The initial consultation : getting to know each other, figure out what you like, dislikes, what's your fears, your strengths, weaknesses and objectives for a suitable and personalised shopping trip.

Color analysis : to establish the colours that suit your complexion and make you look younger and beautiful.

Morphology analysis : establishing your type of silhouette for the choice of cloths that matches your shapes and make it look great.

Style test : taking into consideration your tastes, your personality, your goals, your hobbies, to find the style that perfectly match your personality, make you feel confortable and confident.

Wardrobe  management advice : looking into the current wardrobe, taking into consideration the results of your color analysis, face and silhouette morphologies. Wardrobe planning means together we find what doesn’t flatter your silhouette, putting away the colours that doesn’t suit you, the cloths you don’t like, find new cloths combinations, split cloths in three or four piles depending on your lifestyle. Then we can plan your shopping trip, select shops, itinary…

Personal shopping : selecting the shops that match your style, teaching you how to combine your cloths, the colors that best suits your complexion and personality for a  fashionable, new and amazing wardrobe.

Price : 360 euros (VAT included)

Duration : 4 hours minimum

Location : meeting at the agency for the tests, then heading to the shopping center that perfectly matches your style.

For more information on our personal shopping service, please feel free to contact Lydie your personal shopper on 0183812235 or alternatively drop an email at