Corporate services from Coach'n style Paris... in the harsh world of Corporate Companies, the first impression is fundamental! It can makes or breaks you, but confidence is key to success.


You want to projet that strong image for greater impact?


We teach Corporate Compagnies the importance of confidence, the power of the image we project, it’s crucial that your inner personality match your new style, your role and work responsibilities for more confidence and credibility… with no dought it increases performance  and add value to your corporate image and branding from your client’s perceptions.


Corporate service from Coach’n style Paris includes :

First impression

Your image - a very strong and powerful asset

Corporate branding

Building confidence

Body language within the work place

Taking care of your image 

Fashion style at work for men & women

How your style impact on your image

Great impact on good communication

And a lot more ...

For more information on our Corporate services, please feel free to contact Lydie, your image consultant on 0183812235 or alternatively drop an email at